Friday Five?

  • I’ve been working from home for most of the week (well, from Wednesday onward). It’s been fab. But also bad, because I like it too much. It’s helped that I’ve had a healthy mix of social engagements scattered throughout it and have had multiple hours of remote calls/working together, so I’ve not been talking only to Otis. I already work from home at least one day a week, but I might start doing more. Luckily our engineering team is mostly remote to begin with, so it’s not uncommon or frowned upon. It’s kind of the best of both worlds being able to go into the office if/when I want or spend all day coding in my kitchen in workout gear.
  • My dad sent Otis a package of Beggin’ Strips. They’ve been trying to deliver it since Wednesday, and because I don’t have a doorbell and the main entrance is locked, they keep leaving slips on the door. I finally wrote a huge note being like “CALL ME I AM HOME”, which did the trick. Otis was happy.
  • It was a bit grim out today, which thwarted my plans for a lunchtime cycle, so instead I went for a short little run that turned into a short little jaunt up Corona Heights and then down to Haight Ashbury to Goodwill, where I ended up buying a random curling iron for $4.45 (and then had to walk down the street carrying just a curling iron, in running gear), and then to a music shop, where I ended up buying a guitar (and then had to walk down that street carrying just a curling iron AND a guitar with no case, in running gear). That hour wasn’t really supposed to happen that way (#storyofmyliferecently).
  • I then spend two hours on my couch in stinky running gear teaching myself basic chords (and shredding my fingers raw), but I taught myself a song!! Hooray. My weekend plans consist of becoming an expert beginner guitar player. While this was going on, I also witnessed a wee little mouse scurry across the floor. Otis was oblivious. I’m not quite sure what to do about it. Poor thing clearly realized it’d gone the wrong way and was too scared to go back into the heater grate, so for about 45 minutes I kept seeing it scamper out, scurry back, and then finally bolt for the hole. Again – not quite sure what to do about it. I think I should probably start by blocking off the source? Part of me was like, aww, poor little mouse (and start signing Fieval songs like ‘There are NO CATS in America and the streets are paved with cheeeese!’) and part of me was like, eww, mice carry diseases.
  • I had more important things to say (obviously), but I just got sidetracked by thinking about Fieval. When I was little, we had a concrete patio, and I used to take a bucket and dance around and sing the ‘Dreams to Dream’ song where the girl mouse (Tanya?) dances around painting things (here you go, for your viewing pleasure:

And I just saw the mouse again.


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