Somehow it’s the end of the week already? This week has been one of those simultaneously fast and slow deals where certain moments have been slogs and others have disappeared silently. Where last week I think I was on a quasi-high (relative), this week has been more of a gut-check on reality, and sometimes reality is a scary place.

I left off on my monotonous Sunday, before I spontaneously (and on the fly, no pun intended), decided to bike 42 miles through the Marin Headlands with no real agenda. Well – I had an initial agenda… and then I started moving, and it changed course about 10 times over the course of the day, mostly as I tried to avoid hills, factor in unplanned stops, and out-pace looming fog. It was awesome though – I ended up crossing the bridge and following the Pacific Coast Highway to Muir Beach, then cut across through Muir Woods and back down into town and then back across. I think the ride itself took me about 3 hours? But I took a lengthy late afternoon lunch break (Note to Self: Getting back on a bike for another hour after two hours of not cycling hurts. A lot.)

Anyway – it was a great way to spend an ominous Sunday. 10/10 will be doing again.

We’ve apparently entered Fog Season, where it’s 60˚ and cloudy and grey and damp in the mornings, turns crystal clear for the lunchtime hours, and then transitions back to the grey, heavy clouds. Scotland was always the opposite – mornings would be clear and blue (and I would wake up early to savour them), and the grey would slowly creep in around 10am. I’m not going to lie – I’m struggling a bit with it. One day this week I literally road Muni to work and almost didn’t get off to ride it straight back home. I didn’t (#selfnegotiation with ‘you can have chocolate chip waffles tomorrow if you go into the office today’, but luckily it turned sunny, and I pepped myself up slightly by taking a lunchtime walk to the Ferry Building to catch a glimpse of the Bay.

In other week highlights (and low-lights):

– I spent 4 hours in the doctor yesterday because I have had this crazy rash all over my torso for months now. While there, I remembered it was my 4-year anniversary on Tuesday from That Time I Almost Died, which should more accurately be termed That Time My Life Took a Drastic Redirection Thanks to Near-Death Fluke Illnesses. Sometimes that feels like yesterday. Sometimes it feels like a lifetime ago. Sometimes I want to go back to the 2nd month of the 2nd half of that saga.

– I have run more in the past week than I have in AGES. Like, 40 miles + that bike ride a lot. I’m surprised by body isn’t rebelling yet. It’s been kind of awesome.

– Every day that passes I’m feeling like I’m getting to be a bit more like myself again. It’s good – I like feeling like a stable human being. It’s bad – I’m disgusted at myself in more ways than one and am not sure I recognize who I was/what I have been doing. It’s complicated.

– Otis has now eaten upwards of 8 pairs of my underwear, 3 sports bras and my HR monitor strap. WTF STOMACH OF STEEL?!!


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