This weekend, in photo form.

Not pictured from Saturday: the approximately 3 hours I spent driving around downtown SF yesterday while running beaucoup d’errands (like my faux francais there?!), hoards of crowds along Embarcadero for Bay to Breakers packet pickup or scenes from the incredibly enjoyable 10 miles I ran with a fun group at run club.

Pictured Instead: A non-descript photo of the Bay while waiting in line for packet picket which actually turned out to have super cool colors because of the cloud cover, the skirt I sewed (all I wanted to do on Saturday, which didn’t get started till dinnertime and consequently kept me up too late… and cost a bloody fortune, because holy cow that eyelet fabric was beaucoup de dollar bills), a poor show for my haircut (it was definitely beyond time, and it’s nice and wavy again now), and Otis’s sleeping pose (HOTT).

Today was Bay to Breakers, which apparently is a BFD in SF. I’d heard – pretty much everyone I’ve talked to this week has asked if I’m running it (or ‘running’ it), and it pretty much lived up to expectations. I did actually run-run it after the first half of mile one (which was a fun zigzag of dodging walkers… and flying tortillas), and once it cleared out, I took off. I actually ended up with a 10K PR (by almost a minute?!) despite that start and Hayes Hill, which was fun AND did the last three miles at sub-7-minute pace. I was back and showered and out again by 10:30am and met back up with some coworkers for the ‘real’ B2B, which is essentially a slow-moving parade of drunk people in fancy dress (or naked). It’s gorgeous out today, so all in all, it’s been quite enjoyable and festive and fun that it went right in front of my flat (and all of the action was a few blocks away).

All that said, it’s been a weird, unsettling weekend. I’ve been a lot more emotionally affected by the whole race thing than I thought I would be. I walked into the expo and almost had a panic attack of emotional overload (which hasn’t happened yet), mostly because it suddenly morphed into a version of the Charleston Coliseum and a mash of the 2014 Cooper River Bridge Run and then a mash of standing at a booth making people take selfies with whiteboards, and it was just too much. I think #realityweek finally officially caught up with me, and it’s been a lot of being slapped in the face and trying to be okay with that. I’m about to follow Dog’s lead and take a nap and sleep away the rest of this day (slash the morning wine I consumed…oops).


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