Some Days Are War.

Haight views.

Today was pretty much a shitshow, totally of my own doing. I’m laughing.
It started at 6:45am, when I woke up with a whole ‘I’m going to tackle this Tuesday, c’mon Otis, we’re going for a hike, it’s a beautiful day in San Francisco!’ attitude, which was a nice improvement from my total Monday grump. And so we set off to Buena Vista, the sun was shining, it was hot, it was humid, it felt deliciously like spring in South Carolina… glorious.

Buena Vista trails.

We climbed some trails, peed on a lot of trees (we = dog, obvi. I’m a tad more classy sometimes.), looked at the city, looked at the bay, ate some things we shouldn’t (again, dog only)… and then I was like, hmm, wait a second, my jacket feels like… oh my god, my keys are not here.

So we turned around. And backtracked through the zigzag route. And backtracked some more. And backtracked some more. Because apparently I was so caught up in la-la-sun land that I didn’t really pay attention to which way we were going. I thought there were only a few sets of stairs – I was wrong. There are about 15 sets of stairs (possible exaggeration), and all of them are identical.

We hiked for 2 hours, and I did not find my keys.

At this point we were both hangry, I was actually going to go into the office today so was getting slightly annoyed, it was actually legitimately hot, and I was calculating the cost of a) a locksmith b) replacement house keys c) replacement car keys d) replacement mailbox keys and cursing that I actually checked that I locked the door, so I did some ‘how to break into a house’ googling, collected some credit card substitutes (trash left over from B2B) and went home. This is a good thing, but my door is not able to be broken into.

At that point, I called the property manager, who helpfully told me they wouldn’t send someone, but I could head down to the Mission to pick up a spare… so I left Otis with my neighbor, took an overpriced Uber there and back, and finally got in at 9:15… to find my keys sitting on the table next to the door.
It’s okay. I’ve already rolled my eyes at myself. Srsly. I suck. I know. This is the second time ever I’ve locked the door and left my keys inside. At least last time I knew immediately. This time I’m just an idiot.

Anyway, I’m now over an hour behind schedule, but eventually leave for work, trek in on Muni, still ready to tackle this Tuesday, get in, have a 2 minute conversation and realize that oh yes, it’s street sweeping day, and I have gotten six parking/street sweeping tickets this month, and I do not have $100 right now to spend because again, I am an idiot.

So I got back on Muni and made it halfway home when the driver kicked us all off the bus because the power lines were out (Muni’s electric). So I walked. And walked. And then got to my car with 5 minutes to spare… and street sweeping for that block is on Friday.

Again, I am an idiot.

Still determined to tackle this Tuesday that is rapidly disappearing, I made a chocolate chip waffle for lunch, finally did some work, put my bathing suit on and walked to the Panhandle to sit with my Mifi and computer and try to even out my running tan.

(I am wearing clothes).

And hey, that was great! It was super hot, but portable wifi is kind of amazing. Working a job that just needs a computer is kind of amazing. And I think I actually got some stuff done!?

Anyway, after about two hours, I’m lying on my stomach now next to this huge monument, and this girl and guy walk over and start playing the guitar and singing, which is a bit annoying because there’s like, an entire freaking park and circumference of this large monument, but whatever. Her voice was fine, and then she left, and it was the weirdest interaction between them of like ‘nice to meet you, see you around!’

The guy’s still there, and I’m not really paying attention to him, but he starts talking to me, and I’m kind of weirded out because I’m clearly working, and I’m clearly in a bathing suit and suddenly feeling very exposed in this very large and empty park, but I’m not really sure how to non-awkwardly put clothes back on and get up and leave or get him to stop asking me questions. After a few minutes, he asks if he can sit in the sun with me, and I’m like, well, uh, there’s a lot of sun in the very large, empty, sunny park, and he’s like, yea… And then asks me a few minutes later if he can use my sunscreen, and because I’m a generally nice person, I give it to him. A few minutes later, he moves down to the grass about 10 feet from me and takes his shirt off, and then a few minutes later he goes ‘can I see what you’re working on? What are you doing?’ and gets up and LIES DOWN ON MY TOWEL THREE INCHES FROM ME, at which point I roll to the side, wrap myself in my clothes, and am like ‘this is really not appropriate’, to which he goes ‘Oh, am I making you uncomfortable?’

Luckily that got him to leave, but I seriously had a moment of WTF do I do in this situation?! And then raged, because seriously!

People come up to me occasionally (people = guys of all ages/shapes/sizes/demographics). There was a spate about a month ago where over the course of two weeks, five men approached me and told me ‘I had a beautiful smile’, ranging from an older guy at a wine bar (not so creepy, as it was genuine, but totally awkward in that particularly situation), to an Uber driver (slightly more creepy), to a homeless guy who walked over to me and put his hand on me as he said it, and some in between. There is niceness, and there is creepiness, and maybe I have a low creepiness threshold, but guys! Am I crazy?! Is this really appropriate?

Anyway – that killed park time, which was probably a good thing, because I was getting fried.

After another few hours of work, I checked the track workout for tonight, saw it was hill repeats again, and decided that I was actually more in the mood to cycle… and within 10 minutes had grabbed my bike and was out the door NOT wearing my cycling shorts and with only water and a long sleeve shirt in my backpack (it was too nice to be inside, and the day was gone)… and then proceeded to cycle ~50 miles over the bridge, around Tiburon and back, because (what have learned from this post?) I’m an idiot.

Road to Tiburon.

Because I’m an idiot, I a) didn’t map out the route so had no idea how far it actually was, b) didn’t bring food, c) didn’t bring my bike lights because they were charging, d) didn’t wear the aforementioned cycling shorts and e) didn’t have any concept of time. When I quickly realized at about 6:45 that I was still someone around the Tiburon loop and was getting quite dizzy that I wasn’t really going to make it back by sunset, I started booking it (I was already not stopping), totally missed my turn and ended up going a more roundabout way back. By the time I got to the bridge, it was cold, the sun was setting, my butt was crying and my legs were not moving.


It was awesome.

Crossing the bridge.

It was such a pleasant ride – that route’s apparently known for being flat, and it was so nice and not steep and hill-y but not totally flat that it was the first actual cruising cycling I’ve really done here. It was a good mix of rural and urban/suburban too. I’ll definitely do it again, perhaps with a lunch break though.

Ugh. Sunsets. Worth it.

Anyway. That sunset alone was enough where I’m going to say I tackled this Tuesday best I could. Maybe I’ll get my shit together tomorrow.


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