An Ornery Beagle Goes to Lands End

Otis was UNBEARABLE last night – I got back from hiking and was beyond knackered (thanks to perhaps maybe just slightly overdoing it over the past week with outdoor-times?), and he was in full-on PAY ATTENTION TO ME mode… Which consists of sitting by the door and doing a whimper-moan-sorrowful-howl while giving me doe eyes with his tail between his legs. We walked SIX times in two hours, and I almost hit ‘sit down in the middle of the floor and overtired cry’ mode. I went to bed around 9 because sitting in the living room was instigating it.

Anyway, it was not fun, so tonight I decided to tackle it with ‘Tire Beagle Out’ mode, and immediately dropped him in the car to head to Lands End, a park/set of trails at (surprise) the end of San Francisco to check out the ‘Labyrinth’ I’d heard about.

It’s just about two miles along the coast, and so we started around 7 in hopes of catching the sunset on the way back. The labyrinth is about halfway down, so we trekked most of the way and then turned back to head down the stairs to the cliffs.

I’m not going to lie… I was expecting something much larger… I possibly was working it up in my head to be very Stone Henge-esque (I actually haven’t been?), and it was much more on par with front yard garden project. But… Let’s not lose sight that it’s on a cliff, next to the Pacific, against a backdrop of a setting sun, mountains and the GG bridge… So garden-size does not really matter.

Anyway. We climbed a lot of stairs. Beagle behaved. And then Beagle crashed immediately upon flat re-entry, and has been happily snoring away.

Tuesday night success.

Ps. Let’s also take note of my ‘summer’ attire. #hello60degrees


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