June 2016: The Month I Hardcore Introverted on Mountains

In case you haven’t been able to tell, I (unintentionally) went a little ‘Cheryl Strayed’ this past month (I should now probably actually read Wild) and somehow (accidentally) ended up spending the majority of my time either on mountains or beaches (usually running, sometimes hiking, sometimes with Otis in tow) or at work. While I could probably say this much more eloquently, it’s best summed up as it was just f-ing awesome.

Tam sunsets.

I know myself pretty well; being deeply introspective is a curse and a blessing, and while I say I’ve grown (a lot) over the past five years in particular, over the past month, it’s almost like everything that was spinning around in different orbits finally started spinning together. I like my little world right now. I feel alive, but also grounded in my reality, and, most importantly, happy with that. Life is funny and challenging and heartbreaking and exciting and dull and complicated and easy (often all at the same time)… but rather than fearing that or feeling every little high or low deeply, I’m back to embracing the variation.

Don’t count the days. Make each day count.

Headlands heel-clicks.

…And bring on July.


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