Put me in mountains, on water and in sunshine, and I am happy.

I blame Otis for completely thwarting my plans to have a slightly lazier day yesterday. Since beagles don’t sleep past 7:30am (Fact.), I was dragged out into #fogust earlier than intended, and viewing this gorgeous sight started me off in a slightly foul mood, because as anyone who even slightly knows me knows, I do not do grey well:

Foggy Fell Street views.

And while I did start making coffee (and the crawled back into bed), I had a fairly typical AHA! moment of ‘I know EXACTLY what to do today’, and then started kicking myself that I hadn’t actually gotten up slightly earlier, powered through my Frosted Miniwheats in record time, threw an assortment of clothing in a backpack, and hit the road.

I’ve been wanting to go to Tahoe since I moved here, mostly (okay, solely) to ski, because SKIING and mountains and it’s killed me that it’s been years since I’ve been on the slopes. Alas, that did not happen (thank you $ and life), and I’ve been since secretly counting the days until snow will fall somewhere so I can escape at the first flurry this winter. Anyway, while it’s Fogust, it’s not snowing yet, but since I’ve learned that mountains can also not have snow on them and still be fun, I’ve still been itching to head up there. It’s about 3.5 hours from SF, which is enough of a drive where (in hindsight) it probably shouldn’t just be a day trip, but it wasn’t undoable.

Because of my poor planning (i.e. no planning), I gave up pretty quickly trying to find somewhere fun to run and picked a random race that was along Emerald Bay and had a trail and figured I could do a few miles there to get the essence without it being totally crazy.

Emerald Bay.

I succeeded in that it was extremely pretty (not surprising), and it was relatively flat, but it was also extremely popular with hikers and beach-goers of all ages (literally 4 year olds to 85 year olds), so I spent a lot of time anxiously trying to politely pass people on the single track.

It was not a stellar run (but it was not intended to be).

After dying slightly thanks to altitude and heat (it was by now 2pm), I got back in the car and continued driving around the lake, hit Tahoe City, veered off into the first place that had a kayak rental sign, and within about 15 minutes was out on the water (Not going to lie, it was sort of awesome to walk into an outdoor place covered in dirt and have them be like, you clearly know what you’re doing and have done this before and just hand over a toy).

Kayak views.

I love water, and I love being near the water, but I really love being on the water, particularly in low boats where it’s almost like you’re floating without anything supporting you.

Lake reflections.

It was incredibly pleasant. It was hot. The water was warm and crystal clear and shallow. There was just enough current to make it slightly more than calmly paddling. There were just enough people around. There was also an outdoor concert going on on a beach, so I got to float around for awhile and listen to live music.

I almost didn’t go back to shore.

By the time I finished though, I was ravishingly hungry, strolled around Tahoe City for a few minutes devouring ice cream, and then turned around to head back to the City, and got to sit in Sacramento traffic watching Yet Another West Coast Sunset ™.

I’ve hit Lagoon Valley at sunset nearly every time I’ve driven down I-80. It never disappoints (even when sitting in traffic, which also happens every time.

Moral of this story: put me in mountains, on water and in sunshine, and I am happy.



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