Adventure Outtakes

I plugged my phone into my computer today to charge, and I ended up downloading 5000+ photos since March and then looking through. So many photos. So many days. See above.

One day in March, I took the ferry spontaneously across the bay with a friend, and then I had to turnaround and come back. The guy at the ferry building on the other side thought I was crazy (I was crazy, the whole thing was silly), and could only make sense that I got on the wrong one. He let me ride back for free, and it got rainy, and then halfway across a huge double rainbow appeared. It was impossible to capture, but it just kind of summed up that day. Chasing Rainbows.

And then there are a bunch of shots of scaling cliffs and mini-trails and foggy coasts that used to be more green and beagles and hikes and beaches, and I miss sunshine.

In between working and running this week (so basically, while eating breakfast, riding Muni and before bed), I devoured Wild. I jokingly said this summer was that for me; I did not quite expect how close to home it would hit.

I finished it last night and then laid in bed for 3 hours wide awake with the feeling I was going to jump out of my skin. It was awful. I’m in a weird place right now – this month’s been fine, but I’ve definitely been in a bit of a mental regression/funk where I can’t quite keep up with myself. I’m hoping work easing up next week will let me reset a bit, but I have this awful antsy feeling like something is going to happen and I need to do something now (but obviously don’t know what this is and what I can do). I think there are some things I need to take care of this week that are bothering me, and maybe that will let me resume my normal…or whatever my normal is these days.

I hate feeling off.

Anyway. There was a reason I started writing this, but I can’t remember now. See? Off. Something just feels off.


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