Wednesday Five/Six

Forewarning: Fairly sure this post has no point. Let’s call it the Wednesday night version of a Friday Five? (Basically, I’ve taken too many photos in the past few days, and I need to dump them somewhere so they don’t get lost in my iPhoto (Photos? iCloud? Why can Apple not figure photo storage out?). And none of these really flow together.).

Snow field views.

No. 1: It’s snowed a few times since I moved up here at the beginning of October, but this past week it’s started snowing for real. I’ve been greeted almost every morning by a fresh dusting and a reflective layer of fog over the valley poking through the pine trees. I know it’s only November, and I might be on a totally different page by mid-April (…or next month), but it’s welcome right now. I’m not sure I’ve ever not liked snow? Nasty slush is nasty, but this isn’t nasty slush – it’s fluffy white powder mixed in with trees and clear skies and puffy clouds and crisp trees, and it’s quiet and untouched by car muck so is just naturally gorgeous. Beagle and I are enjoying making fresh tracks side-by-side every morning.

Morning fog blanket on beagle walk views.

No. 2: Unfortunately (fortunately? Jury’s still out on this one.) with fresh powder comes running in fresh powder on trails, which is a combination of stunningly beautiful (and peaceful) and extremely difficult. It did snow for a few years when I lived in Scotland (I wish I had more photos of St Andrews in snow – talk about stunningly beautiful), and I do remember running across the Old Course, and there was one white Christmas in Oxfordshire where I spent a week sliding through the Warborough farm fields and along the Thames (Le sigh. Favorite UK running route in every season.)… but other than that, it was high school winter track days when I last properly ran in snow and cold. I would describe snow-running as similar to sand-running, but colder and more slippery. Snow shoes are a thing, supposedly. I need to find a pair.

Lunch run views up at Alder Creek.

No. 3: Ski season officially started today! Unfortunately I was taunted by getting to be up at the Village for training/orientation but not actually skiing.

Not skiing views, but more Alder Creek views.

There aren’t many runs open yet at least, so I’m not missing out on too much… but I’m anxiously waiting (slash bouncing up and down like Otis, looking longingly at my skis, the mountain, my skis, the mountain, etc etc). I am also anxiously (anxiety-anxiously) fretting ever-so-slightly about how to actually teach people to ski, so I’m looking forward to spending the next few weekends being educated on how to explain shifting weight and reading snow changes and turning and stopping and all of that stuff (and also learning how to deal with the inevitable situations that will occur, like losing a child somewhere, ‘I want to go to the top of the mountain’ tantrums, catastrophic wipe-outs, sibling fights and all of that stuff).

No. 4: During my run yesterday, I was randomly thinking that I was getting close to, if not past, my 1-year mark of using Strava (no idea what made me think of it), and then I got home and had an email announcing just that. With some quick math (I imported a few months of Garmin data in when I’d first signed up and then gave up with back-inputing years of information, so the calculated totals are off), I’ve apparently run 1358.1 miles since last November 22.

Considering I barely ran from December – February, that’s not horrible. Clearly those miles were weighted from May onward… I think this year might be skewed a little differently.

Backyard trail views.

I mentioned I signed up for this 100K at the end of April – running training is about to get real starting now, because I have NO idea how exactly I’m planning to fit in consistent training while a) working full-time, b) skiing on the weekends, c) the sun currently is not up for very many hours, d) there is the aforementioned snow. It will be an adventure? Goals currently include to not to kill myself, seriously injure myself, or hate running by the end of the next few months.

No. 5: It’s Thanksgiving, which officially marks the start of ‘Holiday Season 2016’, which I have been dreading since the end of Holiday Season 2015. Pro tip: don’t do life-things on holidays unless you want to forever associate holidays with life-things.

On the plus side, I haven’t really had the whole ‘traditional’ Thanksgiving thing since high school, so over the years I’ve de-sensitized to the whole need to eat turkey and have my entire family there thing (…but that de-sensitization doesn’t always make it easier).

I love Liz Climo.

The first year I was in Scotland, my family actually came over for it, and we took over the Regs Annexe Kitchen (…like always) and cooked a full American feast and tried to explain the whole ‘we celebrate taking the Native Americans’ land and giving them smallpox’ thing by gorging ourselves on really large (rather dumb) birds, watching football, and then supporting consumerism by stampeding people outside of Walmart. We actually spent most Thanksgivings in high school and when I moved back to the States in Charleston, and almost always went out to eat (in recent years, the table has been majority filled by Brits). This year I’ll be running in the snow and then joining some friends who are up here (and might eat turkey for the first time in years), but I’m kind of wishing I were in the South.

No. 6: I lied. Here’s a random 6. I saw this video today (I don’t usually watch videos or music videos):

I downloaded The Lumineers newer album months ago (and then learned to play Cleopatra on the guitar… and then ended my guitar-playing), and this is by far my favorite song on it. For some reason, I completely associate it with this vivid memory of this mini-team lunch in the food court about a month or so into work last year and having this conversation about the ridiculousness of Trump being elected and which one of us would survive when the world ended or in some natural disaster and running away and hiding in the mountains. Every time I hear it, I think of it, which has been ‘funny’ over the past year, as obviously Trump did get elected, and somehow now I am the one who is currently hiding in the mountains. The whole memory and association this is bizarre, but this is the most unconnected one yet, and every time I hear it I’m reminded of how weird it is.

(PS. I no longer have a refrigerator in my living room, but the whole reinstall process was almost as amusing as the initial install.)


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