And Then… It Rained

I’m so over being sick.

I knew it was coming; while I’d selectively blocked out (or just genuinely forgotten) that after periods of extreme movement and ‘stress’, I immediately succumb to the #worstcoldever the second I cease moving or thinking, it’s been a long time since I’ve actually be hit full-force with it. New Years Day though, and it struck. With a vengeance.

I would really, really like to be able to breathe normally again, or to not wake up in the middle of the night with an extreme coughing fit, or to stop carrying around tissues, or to run at full capacity. So. Over. It.


In other news, things that have happened this week (in no particular order):

No Squaw for you.

It snowed, and then it poured, and then it snowed again. Truckee is flooding (apparently), but I’ve barely ventured out, other than to Squaw for a failed attempt to ski on Saturday morning (see the sad Garland’s standing in slush in the parking lot, after we abandoned any hope of hitting any slope). To quote Laura: ‘I mean, it’s great to see you… but I’d rather be seeing you on skis right now.’ It’s okay. We carpe diem’ed and ate eggs and pancakes and wandered around Tahoe City in the rain, and it was probably better for the whole aforementioned #worstcoldever thing.

After hitting bed super early, I had the quintessential lazy rainy Sunday that included spending several hours in the Rec Center leisurely ‘working out’, swimming and sitting in a sauna. The whole day felt very ‘St Andrews’, probably because I don’t think I’ve trekked to a gym in the rain since Scotland-days.

I was on-call for work all week, and it was less than enjoyable.

Before the rain and in the break from the snow, I skied, and there was SO MUCH POWDER, and it was amazing. The glade runs are open, and Bridget and I spent a good chunk of the few hours we were out meandering through the trees. Real ski season has begun.

Totally normal Friday: ski in trees with laptop on back.

I finished my fourth book of 2017 tonight, and I should probably slow down a bit, but I have been totally sucked in and have been enjoying losing myself in literary worlds. Super short reviews below.

Reading has had the unintended effect of keeping me off the computer or my phone and namely off of all forms of social media, and I am really enjoying being disconnected. What should I read next?

I was incredibly antsy today, and I tried to take Otis out for a walk before it got completely pitch black, and I wiped out in a spectacular feet out straight from under me, slo-mo arse-on-snow sort of way. It didn’t last long. I’m still antsy.

Midday grocery store trips, with Kings Beach detours.
This was a pleasantly uneventful, but also totally eventful week.

2017 Readz, Weeks 1 & 2

The Red Scarf (Kate Furnivall) – This was so-so. I picked it up in SC (in real book form) and read it within a day, and it was engrossing enough with plot twists in the right places to keep me going, and it was a good historical lit piece… but it was so-so.

Commonwealth (Ann Pratchett) – I really haven’t like any of Ann Pratchett’s other books, and I didn’t realize she wrote this (which is probably a good thing). This was a slice-of-life/character study-type book, with a different story and a nice alteration of viewpoints. Enjoyable, and just the right pace and length.

Small Great Things (Jodi Picoult) – I read a few of Jodi Picoult’s books in high school (usually within a day, reading them while walking around), and I give her credit for writing quick-moving stories with plot twists. Enjoyable and semi-mindless, and an interesting, relevant subject.

All the Bright Places (Jennifer Niven) – Likened to A Fault in Our Stars (and after reading, quite similar), but I devoured this in the last 24 hours, and it struck many chords. I feel a little shell-shocked after reading it, honestly. Some of the language to describe feelings was so eerily accurate to things I’ve been trying to find words for for years.

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