Muddy & Bloody Sunday (…with some snow on the side)

Ski Week ended a day early when I unexpectedly got called off working today (all the praise hands). I should’ve taken advantage of that and done the types of things people usually do on days off (particularly when they’re in the midst of a nonstop work segment), like sleep in, leisurely eat breakfast, watch some TV, do some laundry, catch up on things… but no.

We’ve well established that that’s not how I roll.

Instead, Alex and I discovered through text (because as she is also on something like Day 19 of straight work, we’ve barely come into face-to-face contact this month) that we had a three-hour window where we both were going to be here, which obviously meant a convenient excuse to ski.

Bluebird days.

Somehow I haven’t skied properly in a month (a month!) – that’s how insanely busy February has been. I told one of my kids that yesterday, and she was like, ‘but you’re skiing now!’ No, kid. Sorry. Standing on skis on the Magic Carpet or lapping the Big Easy isn’t quite the same as carving down the mountain.

Amount of snow we currently have perspective shot.

I love early morning skiing though, and waking up before sunrise has it’s advantages – we managed to squeeze in two hours of being the only ones on the slopes before the crowds descended.

My goggles have been totally useless since Snowmaggedon on Monday.

At some point during those hours, I spontaneously decided while getting on a chair lift that maybe a ‘smarter’ thing to do (…instead of staying out on the Backside until 4pm) would be to drive down to Auburn to do the three-hour run I was supposed to do on Monday when a) it wasn’t raining and b) I wouldn’t have to get up at 4am to squeeze it in.

And so after we trekked back down to basecamp, I shoved down a bagel, took off my ski outer layers, switched my brain out of snow-mode and into running-mode, and trekked down the mountain to Auburn to spend the afternoon getting more acquainted with their trail system. (I am slowly getting over my Auburn PTSD and slowly remembering that it really is only an hour and a bit away. Slowly.)

Several things about this run:

1) In mile 2, I encountered the first of about 15 creeks to cross. I was expecting this. I was not expecting to wipe out and fall completely in. FYI – wearing wet leggings (that are white, what was I thinking?!) is like wearing a bathing suit.

2) I continued my streak of getting lost at nearly every intersection by literally getting lost at every intersection. To be fair, this one was really not obvious that the turn I was supposed to make was not the path that looks clearly like a trail. Right? Right.

Trail fail.

3) Everything was a mud fest. I’m not sure my shoes will ever be teal again.

Mud + Blood + Weird Leopard Leggings.

4) Speaking of shoes, these ones are not going to work. Yes, that is blood. So hardcore, I know.

5) In the last mile, I got distracted and tripped over a tree root, and it hurt. The six-inch bruise on my arse still hurts.

Guys, you have no idea how nice it was to see grass.

6) I’ve been listening to podcasts and books on tape for long runs lately, and they definitely make the time go so much quicker.

7) Speaking of reading, last week I needed some easy win books, and so in honor of Ski Week, I went for two middle school novels – Pax and The Wild Robot, both of which I highly recommend. You’ll zip through.

8) It’s been a long time since I’ve had a proper Church of the Sunday Long Run… and man, despite the mud and blood and rushing waters… it was good.

I’ve actually almost forgotten that the whole skiing thing actually happened this morning. A+ Sunday Funday.


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