Shoulder Season Catchup

It has, once again, been an unintentionally long time since I’ve posted (or really written) anything. I kept meaning to sit down, and then I’d start, and get distracted, and stop, because that’s kind of how the last few months have felt – like a combination of monotonous days and light days and dark days and tightening spirals, bouncing in different directions all at once, and yet bouncing nowhere at all.

I struggled in Shoulder Season; when it seemed like it should’ve been one of the highlight times of the year without the out-of-towner influx, without running so much (which is a good thing, for several reasons), it was difficult to keep my inner craziness at bay. It got cloudy, and whereas cloudy and dark in winter means snow, and snow means skiing and glistening white prettiness that makes it more bearable, cloudy and dark in October and November means a little black raincloud follows me around like an unwavering shadow. Schedules changed, and days started blurring together into one blob of routine-ness, and it was all kind of just all over the road. It’s hard to say it was bad, and I could sugar-coat it all and ignore that, but in the spirit of radical honesty (which I still sometimes fail at) – there were clusters of moments that were Not. Good. in a terrifyingly Not. Good. sort of way, for no actual reason. And yet surrounding those were plenty of terrifying Good moments that reflect my actual state of being, the one where I am genuinely pretty darn happy with all the things.

See? It’s complicated. Life is complicated.

But alas, things did happen, and in the interest of trying to play catch up in a somewhat un-profound, and probably not very eloquent way so I can move on and write about other things without feeling like I skipped some chunks, here goes:

Somewhere at the end of September, we did our quarterly work week with a twist, and split (as an org) into our smaller day-to-day working teams and were allowed to pick a location other than San Francisco. Since most of my (very rapidly expanding) team is now remote and would have to travel anyway, we settled on San Diego, and spent some quality few days working in gorgeous SoCal. It still amazes me how many different, distinct areas of California there are – I know the state itself covers almost the entire eastern seaboard, but the mental shift of ‘this is all one state’ still confuses me.

I love Tahoe, but Pacific coast sunrises and sunsets are still better.

On the work front, it was super exciting/humbling/insert all the emotions here to watch the IPO a few weeks ago. I was engineer about number 25 when I started here a few years ago, and while I don’t write about work all the much on here, it’s been… a journey, where every three months has felt like an entirely new company. I’ve been really enjoying where things are right now, and it was just very cool to watch this all unfold and know that I had a part in it.

(Also, can we take a moment and acknowledge the awesomeness that is Kat in this picture? #lifegoals) (Photo from Wall Street Journal)

At some point in October, I decided I needed to go a little further afield and went on a little impromptu road trip up to Lassen to hike up something I found (thanks, Google) called the ‘Cinder Cone’. Because I am the Queen of Not Researching Things, I didn’t really look much at what the ‘Cinder Cone’ was (other than a 4-ish mile hike)… and guess what. It is literally A Cone of Cinder.

It was definitely worth going to though (despite the difficulty that comes with hiking up a Cone of Cinder) and is, yet again, testament to the whole California has such varying landscapes in such short distances. If you’re up in that northeastern quadrant of this state, check it out.

(Also, Lassen continues to be one of my favorite hidden gems out here.)

Otis was a Boogle for Halloween, and while he spends 99.9% of his day sleeping under blankets, he wasn’t impressed with his costume and ate the eye cutouts immediately.

Lynlee came for a fly-by visit!!?! Right after my parents came for a fly-by visit… all during a week it rained and rained.

It kind of snowed early on, and then it melted.

And then it kind of snowed again, and it melted. But it snowed at some ski resorts, and I did a solo spontaneous adventure to Mt Rose one Saturday when they spontaneously opened then entire mountain, and it was glorious.

And then we spent Thanksgiving weekend doing very non-turkey-related things (like golfing and skiing in some very early season conditions), and it’s time for it to snow for real.

And that brings us to now, where I sit in a tiny, windowless Airbnb San Francisco apartment (this post was interrupted by dire need for pizza dinner that took too long and my fat fingers hitting publish instead of save, argh), remembering why I left this city (and why I come back).

More to come. There is always more to come.


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  1. I love the Boogle!

    Also: 100% agree about Lassen! Definitely America’s Most Underrated National Park. But shhhh!! don’t tell anyone. 🙂