It still feels like spring in Tahoe, and it’s still weird, and we’re all still wondering where and when the snow is going to come. I finally gave in yesterday and waited until midday to run, and instead of feeling woeful about the lack of snow, whacked on the Fun. album circa 2012 (a.k.a a mild throwback to my thesis-writing Dundee summer days), put on shorts and a sleeveless shirt, and threw myself into the smell of early spring. For some year-to-year perspective, this weekend last year I was trapped somewhere in the depths of NorCal on a trip back up from the Bay that was destroyed by Snow. The contrast is crazy.

Referrals hikes around Stinson, enthusiastically.

Anyway, I clocked about a solid week home in January (which I knew was coming), and even though we’re already about a week into the next month, in true introvert fashion, I’m looking forward to hunkering down and staying put and resuming some normalcy for a few weeks before it likely all starts up again. For whatever reason, it seems life lately comes in bursts, where it’s either ALL THE THINGS… or it’s nothing but normal day-to-day comings and goings. Now that I’m back in the lull, it feels like my days are just a blur of code and meetings and preteen flurrying punctuated by the horrible five minutes of standing outside in the cold with the dogs at 5:45am.

Despite not being home though, January was filled with some work (and some ‘work’, that may or may not have involved our small team bonding event be an adventure hike in the pouring rain and eventual sun through Marin) and a lot of play, and that’s all good. At the end of the month, we crammed ourselves into Suba-ruby to trek overnight on 80E to find some snow in Park City (sadly they’re not doing too much better than Tahoe this year…) and spent a few days with the mountain (sort of) to ourselves before escaping after a day of Saturday crowd chaos (NTS: Stop skiing on Saturdays, everywhere.).

Kid skis. I take photos. Typical.

We fooled around on some groomers and in some trees and with some hiking with the GoPro in hand and on-helmet (and I fooled around with movie-making again), and it was a lovely little much-needed break and change of scenery from our norm in the Sierras.

In February, I will keeping reading (I blew through about nine books in January alone) and attempt to shut my brain off to stay afloat in work craziness… and that will be enough.