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I’ve never been able to come up with a pithy description of who I am, probably because I sometimes have trouble figuring out who I am. I’m okay with that though – it keeps life interesting.

Instead, here’s a short (long) list of a story and facts, and you can put them together into whatever vision of me you want:

I grew up here:

(That’s glorious Pottstown, Pennsylvania, roughly 45-minutes west of Philly. Yes, it is ‘West Philadelphia’, but it’s definitely not, and you are not the first person to start singing the Fresh Prince).

I went to boarding school… a mile from my home. But I lived there 3 of the 4 years. It’s complicated.

I got grumpy with people laying out an Ivy League-esque plan for my future and rebelled by taking a ‘gap yah’ for my first year of uni and moved here:

(That’s glorious St Andrews, Scotland, former home of Wills and Kate, a particularly famous golf course, and the beach they filmed the opening scene of Chariots of Fire on. No, W & K were a year ahead of me. Yes, I play golf, but no, I did not play on the Old Course, and it will forever be a lifetime regret. I did rock the £5 Par 3 next to it though many times. Yes, I have run on West Sands, pretty much every day. It is amazing in crystal clear sun and in gale force winds and rain.)

I ended up staying in Scotland for 7 years. Oops. Sometimes I forget that that part of my life happened. It was actually really hard to readjust back to American life after spending my entire early adulthood in the UK. I finished my undergrad in Cell Biology and somehow ended up doing a PhD.

Two weeks before the end of 2012, I submitted my thesis and moved here:

(That’s glorious Charleston, South Carolina, where I pretty much spent every day thinking ‘my home is your vacation’. I loved Charleston, and Charleston will always be home.)

While there, I started a tech-based nonprofit and spent a lot of time listening to country music and loving the Lowcountry life.

After three years, I moved here:

(That’s glorious San Francisco, California. I’m mildly in love with it.)

And then after a long, very rollercoaster-style year of major life change, I packed up Suba-ruby and moved myself here:

(That’s Lake Tahoe, where I currently live at Northstar Ski Resort, situated halfway between Truckee and Kings Beach.)

And now that that’s all out of the way (and is missing so many middle parts), here are the more random bits:

  • I currently spend most of my time running, mostly on trails. I really, really like to run, and while I’ve ebbed and flowed in how far and how often over the past 14 years, moving to California has totally reinvigorated my love of running.
  • I also got into cycling a few years ago, and so I mix a healthy dose of that in as well.
  • I’m an extroverted introvert and about as accurate of an INFJ as you can get.
  • I spend some of my very little spare time teaching kids to ski.
  • I carry some form of camera with me everywhere, and as annoying as it is, I sometimes see the world entirely in photo-form.
  • I eat an unhealthy amount of pizza (mostly homemade), dark chocolate, ice cream and cereal. I have no intention of changing that anytime soon.
  • I turned my life upside-down this year. It’s currently sideways, and I’m okay with that. I think my life is probably always going to be sideways.
  • I have a bizarre taste in music, but the Counting Crows will always be number 1.
  • When I’m stressed, I either deep-clean everything in sight or make chocolate chip cookies.
  • I have an extensive collection of lobster-related things that has been growing since I was 7.
  • I cannot stand being inside when it is sunny. It’s a blessing and a curse. Someday (soon) I will have an outdoor office setup, and all will be well in the world.
  • I once performed in a talent show playing the piano while lying on my back.
  • I cannot dance. But I try. In my next life, I’ll be able to sing and dance and will be some sort of performer. Until then, I thoroughly enjoy pretending in the safe solitude of my car.
  • I am oddly obsessive about random things and totally disorganized about others. It makes no sense. I stopped trying to make sense of it a long time ago.
  • Like, I eat sandwiches/burgers/etc in quarters. It’s weird. I know.
  • I would happily go to bed at 9pm every night if I could.
  • I find people fascinating and tend to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. Again, it’s a blessing and a curse.

That’s all for now.